Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

The Dalang

Ki Anom Suroto, The Dalang

A Dalang is a complete artist. It is said so because a dalang is the director and the main player of the show. Beside moving the wayang, they are also give them voice; they are comedians, and also preaching the spiritual teaching. A Dalang is also the conductor of the gamelan orchestra.

Ki Manteb, The Dalang

In a wayang show, the languages used are not only one (Javanese/Balinese) but also Sanscrete or Old Javanese/Balinese Language. In the modern time, there are a lot of Indonesian words and sentences slipped in the shows.

Ki Narto Sabdo, The Dalang

Because of that the story of wayang often contain spiritual teachings or the shows are produced in connection of certain religious ceremonies, a dalang was expected to fulfill high standards of spirituality. Before they are initiated as dalang, they need to practice meditation and asceticism. In the shows, they are believed to be able to communicate between the physical and spiritual world. A Dalang is often be categorized as a communicator, spiritual person, and of course a complete artist.

Sinden, The singer of Pagelaran Wayang Kulit

View shadow wayang kulit from background 

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